Friday, 31 October 2014

Make-Up Revolution | Blush & Contour Palette - Sugar & Spice

I am a blush hoarder, I have so many and although I know I do not need them all, I still continue to buy new ones. There's just something about blusher that attracts me, finding that perfect shade that suits my skin tone...I'm a women on a mission. When I was asked if I would like to try one of Make-Up Revolution's Blush & Contour Palettes, I of course said yes. There's a choice of two, a darker toned palette named Hot Spice and a pink/coral toned palette called Sugar & Spice* which is the palette I chose. I was generally more attracted to the pinky always. 

The blushers come in a sleek black hard casing which is so easy to store. It fits into my little palette stash very nicely. I love it when palettes aren't too bulky and this is perfect. It also feels very durable but I wouldn't want to drop it to see just how durable it is ;) I also love the big huge mirror the size of the lid as well, they are always handy to have.

Make-Up Revolution | Blush & Contour Palette - Sugar & Spice* - £6.00 | link

There are 8 shades in total inside the palette. I'm guessing the two darker shades would be the contour, with one highlighter shade, four blusher shades and one baked blusher shade. There's a nice selection of colours ranging from the darker shades to pink, coral and then the shimmery highlighter. They are also a mixture of shimmer and matte which is fab.

Shade wise, I personally don't think they are contour shades at all. For my skin tone, they just don't work but I still use them as they are great for a more natural look. They just provide a tiny bit of colour to the cheeks which is a nice change from the obvious blusher shade. All the pink blusher shades are very nice, the third shade in on the top row being my favourite pink and the coral (third shade in on the bottom) is my favourite out of all of them. The highlighter is very shimmery, however if it's applied with a light hand, you'll be fine. I learnt the hard way though...disco ball anyone?

Formula wise, all the shades are really really pigmented. You have to have a really light hand with all the colours and build them up gradually. I find that my two favourite shades and the baked blusher blend really well into my skin. However, the rest of the pinky shades don't blend in very well on me. I sometimes look a little stripy and have to blend it all out with my foundation brush but eventually, it is all blended in.

For the small price of £6.00 I don't really think you can go wrong. There's a great shade range and they are great blushers. They aren't powdery, they do last all day on the skin and they don't highlight any dry patches which are all bonuses. Some need a little extra elbow grease to blend in, but never mind, you're getting such a great deal with this palette!

Have you tried any products from Make-Up Revolution? What are your thoughts?

*PR product

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lasted Skincare | Avené, Delarom & Green People

Lately I have been trying a lot of different skincare, some being new brands I have never tried or even heard of before. Skincare can be hard to write about as the products are very personal to you and your skin type. I have been using these products for over a month, twice a day and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

My skin type is dry to very dry so just keep that in mind when reading the reviews as these might not necessarily be ideal for your skin type.

Delarom - Acquaconfort CreamLink - I have never heard of this brand before but was intrigued by the pretty luxe looking packaging. This light refreshing cream is aimed at all skin types which is great and it's also packed with vitamins that are great for the skin. It has a slight scent to it which to me, is barely detectable and hasn't irritated my skin at all. I've found that it moisturises my skin really well and leaves it feeling really hydrated. The jojoba butter, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil help restore some moisture back into the skin to leave it soft and smooth. I've noticed that the skin on my cheeks, forehead and chin is a lot less dry looking now which really makes me happy. However, I have found it's not quite rich enough to combat the dry skin on my nose but it still helps a little. Finally, it sits well underneath makeup as well which is always a plus. 

Green People - Age Defy+ Hydrate & Renew Serum* Link - I'm very particular when it comes to trying new serums as ever since I found my beloved Avené Soothing Hydrating Serum* I haven't found anything as good. Well, saying that this serum is pretty good. An organic brand, I never really heard of it before but I'm so glad it has been introduced to me. I was gifted a couple of samples at the London blogger meet-up in September and loved them! I used them every day on holiday and didn't have any issues at all. Same goes for this serum. Although it's age defy, I never let that put me off as preventing is always a must! It's said to hydrate and renew the skin and it does just that. After using this, my skin is so so soft and smooth. It doesn't feel tight or dry, just refreshed and hydrated. Using this underneath the Delarom - Acquaconfort Cream, they are a great duo!

Avené - Soothing Eye Contour Cream - Link - Everyone should know by how much I love this brand. I keep raving about it as it's perfect for dry sensitive skin. The rich eye cream sinks into the skin really quickly leaving it smooth and most importantly doesn't cause make-up to crease. A little goes a long long way and it feels great to apply. 

I love how each product doesn't feel greasy on my skin and they all work really well together. Finding new skincare products can be hard and really daunting, there's so much out there! I definitely will be looking at more Green People products to try and continuing to buy Avené.

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts on them?

*PR sample

Monday, 27 October 2014

Maybelline SuperStay 7 Day Gel Nail Polish | Nude Rose

I know what you are probably thinking, "Another Maybelline post?!" Yes another one, I promise though, that I won't bore you too much with samey reviews, I just had to share this lovely shade with you all.

You all know how much I love the formula of the Maybelline SuperStay 7 Day Gel Nail Polishes, they are incredible and I have only come across one that didn't blow me away. The very first shade I tried was called Uptown Blue and it was the best of the bunch, until I tried this one.

Nude Rose is the perfect dusty pink/nude shade. It's pretty similar to the shade Rose Poudré but more on the pink side. It's perfect for a subtle colour if you don't want to go too over the top and it's also great for Autumn. The colour is just simple and I love it. The best part about it though? The formula of this one is incredible. They are all pretty darn good but this one applies perfectly without going streaky or gloopy and dries so quickly. It also leaves an incredible shine and indeed looks like a gel polish, so glossy.

Two coats is enough to give a nice opaque coverage, however, I always like to add that extra coat for added colour and glossiness so I'm wearing three coats in the pictures. I mentioned in the Uptown Blue post but the brushes on these are different from the standard brushes. These are more flat and have a slight rounded shape to them which makes application so easy. I never make a mess when I use these polishes.

Wear time for this polish was roughly 5 days before I started to notice some wear on the colour. There wasn't any chipping at all but you know when the colour wears off the very tip of the nail? Well it did that and it still didn't look too shabby. I applied a fresh coat over the top on day 6 and they look good as new again.

This is my all time favourite nail polish shade, I just know I'm going to be wearing it loads in the Autumn and Winter months, it's just so pretty! Okay....rave over!

Do you like this shade? What's your favourite polish for Autumn?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

By Terry Ombre Veloutée Eyeshadow | Review & Swatches

By Terry is one of the most luxurious brands out there, up with the likes of Tom Ford it's a brand I've always wanted to try. I'm not going to lie though, the prices really scare me. £38.00 for a lip balm?! Well...I still would as a treat but you get what I'm saying.

Back when the Hourglass blushers came out, I made an order on SpaceNK and instead of paying £5.00 for delivery, I paid £5.50 for this eyeshadow instead. It's in the sale down from £23.50, it's a nice colour, and it's By Terry, no way was I missing this huge saving!

I'd personally never even seen these eyeshadows before but I picked it up as paying for a product instead of delivery is a lot better. And so I ended up with an Ombre Veloutée eyeshadow in the shade 10 Coffee Bean. They did have others available at the time, however I thought a dark brown would get more use as I could use it every time I wanted to deepen my smoky eyes.

The packaging is plain and simple. Although it's all plastic, it still looks quite luxe and I love the look of it. Even the box is pretty! Does anyone else hoard make-up boxes like there's no tomorrow?

The colour is a lovely matte chocolate brown that's perfect for a warm toned smoky eye. I always opt for brown over black these days, even eyeliners and loved the look of this straight away. Pigmentation wise, it's okay. It takes some building up and it can sometimes be a bit awkward to blend but if you have the time and patience then it's a lovely end result.

I have to admit though, I was left a little disappointed. Let's just say had I spent the full price, I would've been mad. The shadow is very soft and light and the fact that you have to build the colour doesn't bother me, it's the blending. I expect an expensive product to blend like a dream. However, it stayed put all day and there wasn't any fall-out which is all great. I do love the colour and I have gotten a lot of use out of it. Do I think it's worth the full price thought? No, but if you can get your paws on a shade that's in the sale, do it.

Have you tried a By Terry eyeshadow? What are your thoughts on them?

Friday, 24 October 2014

Yes to...Make-Up Wipes

I've managed to end up testing all the Yes To... make-up wipes that are available in the UK. For me, Yes To... has always been a brand worth trying and I've heard a lot about them. They have different lines for different skin types which is great as there's a lot of variety. You can pick them up from Boots for about £3.99 a pack which is a bit pricey for 25-30 towelettes but it's still cheaper than some brands. I've had a hit and miss with the wipes and wanted to share the ones I love and the ones that have left me disappointed. 

Yes to...Cucumbers - Soothing - These wipes are aimed at sensitive skin as they are hypoallergenic. They are meant to sooth the skin and leave it feeling clean and fresh but without being irritated. I used two packs of these, one I bought and the second pack were sent for me to try however I didn't know they were coming, had I known, I would've said no to them. From the first use, they made my skin feel super tight and dry and my face was stinging like crazy. I stuck with them but I just didn't like the way my skin felt. I was so surprised as they are award-winning wipes that are aimed at sensitive skin but they just didn't agree with me. 

Yes to...Blueberries* - Age Refresh - I've been using these for about 2 weeks now and I love them. They smell so refreshing and feel so soft on the skin. They remove make-up really well and do not irritate my skin at all. The scent and texture of the wipes really reminds me of the Ole Henriksen wipes, however they are rather pricey so it's great to have a cheaper alternative that work just as well. 

Yes to...Carrots - Nourishing - From my first pack, these wipes irritated my skin for the first couple of uses but seemed to be okay after that. They weren't anywhere near as bad as the cucumber ones. They do remove make-up extremely well and I like that they are fragrance free. I did buy a second pack as I needed some new wipes and decided to give them a second try and this time I didn't have a reaction at all.

Yes to...Grapefruit - Correct & Repair - Much like the Blueberry ones, these remind me of the Ole Henriksen wipes as well. They even smell similar, the OH one's are a lovely strong vanilla scent, these ones being a more subtle scent. The feel of the wipes feels similar too. They don't leave my skin feeling dry or tight at all. Another great alternative to the Ole Henriksen wipes!

I've seen on the US website that they sell coconut wipes which are for nourishing and restoring the skin which sound amazing, however they just aren't available over in the UK which makes me so sad as I really want to try them! Hopefully one day they will be available in the UK. 

Have you tried any of these wipes? What are your thoughts on them?

*PR sample


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