Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Brand Focus | Fiorelli

I have always been a handbag girl, I always used to buy mine from River Island and Topshop and probably bought a new one every season. I would use them for a bit and then sell them on eBay and buy my next one. Crazy I know. Recently I have fallen head over heels for the brand Fiorelli. I've always known about this brand, I just never thought about buying any bags from them. 

Recent Debenhams trips and Next.com surfing, I came across some styles that I just couldn't say no too. I don't know about you, but do you feel the need to own a bag in tan, black, big, small...etc...or is that just me?!

My most recent purchases are the Riva Mini Tote Black Mix and the Stella Large Zip Around Purse. I have loads of huge bags that can fit everything but the kitchen sink in and found this gorgeous mini tote for the days when I don't fancy bench pressing a huge bag all day. I love the combination of fabrics on the bag, faux leather on the front and back and a kind of suede on the sides. The gold hardware and logo look really pretty too. Considering it's a mini sized bag, it still fits in all of my essentials. I've just seen this in full size which is so dangerous as it's so beautiful but I just can't justify another black bag already. 

The purse wasn't a necessity however my current purse which I have is so scratched now. My lovely friend bought it for me a couple of birthdays ago, i'm still going to keep it but decided to get a new one in black. This way I can drop it all I like and you won't notice any scratches....hopefully. 

The only tan bag I have ever owned. I originally saw this in black, but they only had tan available on Next.com but now I actually prefer this colour. The Mani Tote is relatively big with a zip closure. It has so much room inside that I can still fit my 13" MacBook Air in and still have tonnes of room left. I've used this the most so far out of all the big bags and although they say you can't wear black and brown together, I do. I don't really listen to that rule anymore, I like the two shades together. 

The Kenzie Tote bag sadly isn't available online anymore but it was the first Fiorelli bag I bought. It's a great size that can fit a lot of things in. The only issue I have with this one is that the opening doesn't open as wide as the others but it's still a great bag overall. 

The Perry Crossbody bag has received the most love. I used this pretty much all over summer, on holiday and whenever I go out and just need to take a couple of things with me. I love how small and compact it is and even full to the brim, it keeps it's shape. The purse that slots in the back is fab and it fits loads of cards in and I was using this as my actual purse at one point. Sadly again, this bag isn't available online anymore but they do have lots of new different crossbody styles here.

Fiorelli is definitely a brand I will continue to love for many years. They may not be the cheapest of bags, but they are definitely excellent quality and are great investments. I do look after my things quite well but all these bags look as good as new. Excellent quality and design.

What's your favourite handbag brand?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Daily Look | LBD "Day to Night" Looks

I'm a regular visit to DailyLook as I love to see the items they have for sale. It's a website that is always being mentioned by YouTuber's (I know the site from Ingrid) however I've never bought from them sadly. A couple of days a go they contacted me and asked if I would like to create two different looks using one of their little black dresses and I decided I would. It's always fun to put outfits together. Chic is my day look, cute sophisticated but still pretty and then Edgy is my night look. I love to grunge things up a bit and I am so obsessed with the boots and dress that I chose. 

For my "Day to Night" look I chose the beautiful Dakota Rylin dress, the lace detailing at the back of the dress is just beautiful and it's exactly what I would buy to wear. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the dress to base my outfit ideas round.

Keeping things cute and simple with a pastel coloured coat and flats for more appropriate daywear. And since it's now winter, I of course had to add a chunky knitted scarf to keep warm.

To change the look to a more evening appropriate look I went straight to the edgy side of things. I love ankle boots and these ones are just perfect for an edgy evening look. Add some wooly tights to keep your pins warm as well. Pair everything with an assortment of rings and a studded bag, you're good to go!

Which style is your favourite? Chic or Edgy?

*Images created using Style Sets.

Friday, 14 November 2014

6 Months

Today marks the six months anniversary since my Grandma passed away. If you read my This Isn't Goodbye post, you will know that my Grandma loved to read my blog and suggest posts for me to write. I feel that writing a piece for her is kind of like my tribute for her. 

The past six months has been incredibly tough, not going to sugar coat it, it sucks. I still look through her living room window and expect to see her sitting in her chair doing a crossword puzzle, or to walk into the living room and see her sitting next to her ironing pile fast asleep.

I have mentioned in the past about my brother and cousin's project, "Lift" a short film that my brother wrote, starred in and directed and my cousin was cameraman and composed the music. Anyway, the music was played at my Grandmas's funeral and I listen/watch the film all the time as it reminds me of her. It was filmed in her house and the story just fits now. I still can't get through the whole piece without crying, even as I write this, I am listening to it and crying. It's such a beautiful piece and she loved it. 

I look around my work and see christmas or birthday cards with "Grandma" on that I know she would have loved. Last week Classic FM was playing and all I could think of was her humming along in the kitchen as she made dinner or washed up. 

I try and visit her every weekend if I can, lay down some new flowers. Christmas is fast approaching us and I dread the day we sit down at the table for Christmas dinner and her seat is empty. They say as time goes by, it gets easier. It doesn't get easier, you just learn to except that the person you love isn't here any longer. There isn't anything you can do about it, you can't change it, you just have to keep moving on. The tears will become less and less but the heart ache stays the same. It's not as raw as it was at the beginning but it's still there. She wouldn't want me crying all the time, she would want me to be happy, but sometimes you just need to let it out.

I said to Brent, "Do you think she's made friends with Richard Attenborough and Robin Williams?" and he just laughed and replied, "Probably". Knowing her friendly and chatty ways, she would be friends with everyone up there. If there is such a place, I don't really know, I like to believe she's watching over us all, it's reassuring. 

Not a day goes by that I don't think of her,  I miss her more and more every single day. Loosing someone is just exhausting for the mind and soul, but I will try my best to make her proud.

I miss you, and your amazing tea.
Love you Nanma,

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Eyebrow Products | Soap & Glory, Makeup Revolution & Pixi

Pixi Brow Duo | Soap & Glory Archery | Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Arch & Shape

Recently I have accumulated a lot of eyebrow products. I've gone from using the same brow powder and clear mascara to rotating 3 different eyebrow products. And truth be told, I love all three. I think I have a clear winner, but I would happily repurchase any of these. 

Pixi Natural Brow Duo* - Medium BrownFull review - This product has a thick slanted waxy brow pencil on one end, and tinted brow gel on the other end. I used up the pencil pretty quickly but it created lovely soft natural brows for a subtle look. The tinted brow gel is brilliant and keeps unruly hairs in place all day. I still use this with every other product as well. The spooly really helps soften things if you have gone a little over board.

Soap & Glory Archery - Hot Chocolate - I picked this up on a whim, my favourite type of shopping. I'd heard whispers that this was similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz and wanted to try it instantly. The pencil is so tiny that it's incredibly easy to create the perfect brow by using soft feathery strokes. The colour is a perfect match for me and the spooly does a fab job at blending everything out. 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Arch & Shape* - Dark - This product has a felt tip applicator on one end and a pencil on the other. At first I was a little iffy with the felt tip end, but that's now my favoured part. It's great for filling in the areas that only need a little coverage and the pencil end is great for the more sparse areas. This shade is a little too dark for me, but if I want a bolder brow on some days, this is the pencil I lean towards. A quick brush through with a spooly to soften things a little and I'm left with lovely defined eyebrows.

Out of all three, Archery is my most reached for brow product now, however I do alternate between them. Now my Pixi one has run out, I am really sad as it was a fab product but thankfully I still have the gel to use! I would 100% repurchase all three of these products in the future.

Have you tried any of these brow products? What are your thoughts on them?

*PR sample

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Body Shop | Wild Argan Oil Range

Over the years I have dabbled with different products from The Body Shop. I used to love their Vitamin E face mist and have always enjoyed using their body butters. When the new Wild Argan Oil range came on the market, I knew I wanted to try some of the products. The range uses argan nuts that are sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, you may have seen Fleur De Force's Youtube video on her adventure there. The first thing I obviously went straight to was the lip balm, I was then asked if I would like to test out some of the other products available in the range. Having just been to Morocco myself and seeing Argan Oil everywhere I just couldn't say no.

First things first, the scent of each product is just incredible, they all smell so so nice. It's hard to describe so If you can get your nose in a pot to see for yourself, definitely do it. For me, it's a great scent for A/W.

Wild Argan Miracle Solid Oil for Body & Hair* link - Starting off with my least favourite product, this is the one that I have used the least. I love a good ole' oil but I don't suffer with particularly dry skin on my body and when I tried it in my hair, it made it feel really greasy. When used on my skin, I feel as though it's a bit heavy and doesn't sink in well. If you have dry patches on your body, this may be suitable for you though. I sometimes get dry elbows but I like using E45 for them now.

Wild Argan Solid Oil Lip Balm - link - When I first bought this, I wasn't wowed by it, however the more I use it, the more I love it. It leaves my lips feeling so smooth and moisturised for a long time. You can smell the scent once it's on the lips and it's a really hydrating product. Perfect for the cold winter months when dry chapped lips are a given.

Wild Argan Oil Scrub* - link - This is by far my most favourite product from the range. Not only does it smell heavenly but the scrub itself is one of the best I have ever used. The scrub is abrasive enough to leave the skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth but without being too harsh on the skin. It buffs away any dull flaky skin leaving soft gorgeously scented skin underneath that feels really moisturised.

Wild Argan Oil Body Butter* - link - This body butter works so well after using the scrub, they are a brilliant duo. The body butter is quite a thick consistency which is great for added hydration. Considering how thick it is, I was so surprised when I noticed just how quickly it sinks into the skin. After applying the butter, my skin drinks it up and within a couple of minutes, my skin is soft and smooth and I don't need to wait around before getting dressed.

I've been using this range every time I've had a bath and I just love it. Brent always comments on how good I smell as well. The scent does linger on me for a very long time so bare that in mind if you're not a fan of scented products.

I feel a little let down by the Solid Oil for Body & Hair but the other products I tried are just brilliant. I've used the scrub so much that I'm already half way through the tub. A little goes a long way with the body butter, scrub and lip balm, it's just me being overzealous with the scrub. Their are other items available from this range which you can see here.

Have you tried anything from the Wild Argan Oil Range? What would you recommend?

*PR sample


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