Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bleach London Dip Dye Kit | Review

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know that a couple of days ago I added dip dye to my hair, or ombré if you will. I've wanted to do it for quite a while now and talked about it at the beginning of the year but was told to wait until Spring/Summer time so that's exactly what I did. I did my research and decided that since my hair has been dyed a lot in the past, the Bleach London Dip Dye kit would work best for me. Going into it, I was fully aware I wouldn't get blonde hair and didn't want that as I was after a more subtle ombré, I just wanted my hair a little lighter for the sunnier months. I always experiment with my hair and I'm never too fussed if it goes wrong as another hair dye will just sort it out but I'm happy with the results.

The Bleach London Dip Dye kit contains: a bleaching tray, bleaching brush, set of gloves, developing lotion, reincarnation mask, blending lotion and two sachets of bleaching powder.

You start of buy mixing the bleaching powder and developing lotion together in the mixing tray provided. I put it all in at once and then found it hard to mix so advise you add it in bit by bit to make it easier. You then section your hair into three parts, one on each side and one at the back. This is when it gets tricky and a lot of faffing is involved. You have to take smaller sections, roughly an inch, apply the blending lotion at ear level and work it down 2-3cm and then apply the bleach roughly 1cm from below ear level. This is so you get a gradual ombré and not a blunt edge. You have to work quickly at this stage too as you want all your hair to have the same amount of developing time.

Once all your hair is done, you have to leave it for 30 minutes. Check the first section and the very last section to see the colour, if it's a reddish/orange colour, leave it on for another 15 minutes. I left mine on for the full amount of time, 45 minutes. I then washed it all out, washed my hair twice like suggested and used the reincarnation mask to make the ends soft again, I left this in for 10 minutes and rinsed it out. 

I'm really happy with the results. The double picture above does have a filter in but the brightness is how it looks like in sunlight, it's really bright and noticeable. Inside, it's how it looks in the rest of the pictures, still noticeable but a bit more muted. It's a light golden brown colour and I really love it. There's a couple of sections here and there that aren't as blended as the rest but when it's styled you really don't  notice it at all. One bad thing I noticed was the reincarnation mask, it isn't that great. After being left on for 10 minutes, my hair didn't feel any better but last night I used the L'oreal Ever Riche Nourishing Intense Mask for 5 minutes and my hair feels incredibly soft and healthy again.

Overall, I am happy with the final results however it really is such a faff with the blending lotion and because you have to work quickly, I found myself getting a bit stressed. For £7.00 I think it is a great price and once I got used to it, I was okay and calmed down a bit. I really think the Bleach London Dip Dye Kit is worth it if you are looking for a quick change in your hair style, just make sure you have your patience at the ready.

Have you used anything from the Bleach London line? What's your favourite hair style this season?

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Charles Worthington Volume & Bouce Texturizing Spray | Review

Taken before I added ombre to my hair

Flat lifeless hair has been a regular thing for me for a very long time. A few months ago when I had really long hair, it just felt really weighed down and styles would drop out really quickly so I decided to have the chop, it needed it anyway. Since then it has been a bit better but it still lacked a little something...

In swoops the popular Charles Worthington Texturizing Spray. I'd heard alot about this product, most of the chatter being that it's supposedly the Oribe Dry Texturzing Spray "dupe." I think we have all heard about Oribe and how amazing it is, and the ridiculous price tag that comes with it. I actually put off buying this for a while as I had just bought the L'oreal Volume Texturizing Spray which I wasn't blown away with. I finally gave in and picked this up from Boots during one of their 3 for 2 events recently.

The first time I used this I'm pretty sure a naughty word escaped my lips but it was from pure delight. After a couple of sprays my hair had doubled in size. I use this after I've finished styling my hair and as you can see, it does indeed create volume. Oh yes, Va va voom! It's great! I typically use it in my curls more but it's still amazing in straight hair too however with the curls, it tends to hold them and make them last longer and give volume at the same time. I spray certain layers at the roots and give it some scrunching and fluffing and then I also spray it on my ends as well. It creates great texture and makes curls/waves appear a bit more defined all whilst giving volume to your over all look. It lasts in my hair all night and I don't have to re-apply it. Once it's in, I can just keep fluffing my hair up if it goes a little flatter and it's straight back to it's va va voom stage again. It also does a fab job on second day hair that's up in a top-knot or ponytail as it lifts the roots and gives a more tousled natural look which I have been trying to achieve for so long now. Lastly, the scent, oh my! This smells so nice, fresh and fruity and to me this is the perfect scent for a hair product.

I really don't know why I held out for so long as I now use this every time I style my hair, I just can't get over how much volume and hold it gives to your hair. From Boots, this product is only £6.99 whereas the Oribe is a whopping £38.00! I know, it makes my eye water too! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a miniature version for my handbag just in case I have a hair emergency and I have another bottle ready to go for when this one runs out. This product is worth every penny and definitely deservers the hype that surrounds it. I never thought I would have voluminous hair but now I can!

Have you used this texturizing spray? What are your thoughts on it?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

New Barry M Spring Gel Nail Paints | Review & Swatches

I can't remember how I found out about the new Spring shades by Barry M but I knew I had to have a peek at them. I love my pastel colours and recently I've found myself to be in a bit of a rut with my nail polishes with none of them tickling my fancy, ever have those days? Recently for three weeks I didn't wear any polish at all and thought it was time to add some new colours to my collection.

Rose Hip is a pretty light pastel pink shade, reminds me of Milkshake by Topshop but slightly lighter. It's a very pretty shade. Huckleberry is a pastel blue, I used to have one by Rimmel that was similar to this shade but it was quite old so I replaced it with this one. Again, it's very pretty and probably my favourite out of the three. Finally, Sugar Apple - how cute is the name? This is a pastel green, think Essie Mint Candy Apple but slightly lighter, it's a lovely shade and all three are utterly perfect for S/S. Like always I couldn't choose so just painted my nails alternatively instead.

I found the formula to be a lot more gloopy with these shades compared to all the other ones I own and it took three coats to get the finish streak free. I don't know about you but I always struggle the most with a perfect manicure when I'm using a light shade, I just find they are the hardest to work with. Once I collected my patience and let each layer dry properly, I am very happy with them, I think they look really nice. I can't see myself wearing them a lot purely because they take so long to perfect but I do really like the colours and glad I picked them up, it took me long enough! Three separate visits to town trying in 3 different shops each time and I finally found them! Yipee! I had them on for three days before I noticed the first major chip, not amazing wear time but it's not the worse I've had.

Have you bought these new shades? Which one is your favourite?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Collective Fashion Haul | Gilly Hicks, Primark, Forever 21 & more

In the past couple of weeks I have gone a little crazy with the hauls, if you saw my beauty haul post you would've seen a lot of products that I had accumulated and the same now goes for fashion. I never really buy that many clothes, I find shopping for clothes stressful, I can never find my size in jeans and women shoppers in clothes stores are a little bit mental, needless to say, apart from the dress and H&M bits, the rest was online shopping. I thought I would share with you what I picked up in the past two weeks and tell you about some of my latest fashion obsessions. I did pick up some Yoga bits too however I will be writing a Yoga Outfits post for you all very soon so I didn't include them in this post.


I've been after some crop tops for a couple of months now but whenever I saw any, they never had my size but finally they did and I picked up these two cute ones. The floral crop being my favourite and then the grey crop too, I love to pair these with skater skirts, they are one of my new obsessions. I got them in an XS which I'm glad I did as they both fit perfectly, they were £6.99 each I think. I also picked up the navy blue sneakers as I don't have any everyday trainers and these were only £7.99 and are really comfortable.


In my town there's a little fashion boutique called Boutique 69 and they stock all different kinds of brands, one being the brand Glamorous. I've never heard of this brand before but I loved the look of this pretty daisy print skater dress and it was on sale at £22.50. Being the last one left and it fitting like a glove, I took it as a sign to buy it, hehe.

Forever 21 & Next

From Forever 21 my obsession with crop tops continued and I fell in love with this cute white floral top that was £5.50, looks so cute with my burgundy skater skirt and I can't wait to wear it in the Spring/Summer time. Also from there, I picked up a burgundy vest top in a size up as I wanted it to appear baggy and this was a bargain at £4.75, I'm thinking denim shorts with this tucked in a little at the front. And finally, another new obsession of mine is lace bralettes, being a flat chested gal it's hard to find things that suit your shape and still make you look cute and feminine and I love how you can wear these with muscle tees or low back tops and have the lace showing, I just think it looks super cute and girly, and takes the attention off of my none-existent chest! Although there's so many that I want to buy - Gilly Hicks I'm looking at you, so far I have the coral lace bralette from Forever 21 for £8.25 which has lining so it means no embarrassing nipple surprises and the black lace bralette is from Next for £15.00, expensive I agree however it fits amazingly well and because the band is a perfect fit, it actually boosts my little boobs up a bit and gives them a bit of shape. However, this is sheer so therefore can only wear dark colours over the top.


Primark has to be my least favourite place to shop in, there's clothes everywhere, people pushing me in all directions and I just generally can never find anything that I like. Saying that, there are days where things do tickle my fancy such as the white muscle tank with a Paris print on, at £4.00 it's a complete bargain and I can't wait to wear the coral lace bralette underneath. I know what you're thinking, a jumper, in Summer? Well this is a light weight jumper with short sleeves that suits the awful English "summers" that we have as it's still cute but will keep me warm. At £6.00 it's quite the bargain however I picked up a size 6 and it's still pretty big so just keep that in mind if you want to pick up our own. Finally, I spotted this lovely grey and pink flowery scarf for £4.00, I always wear them to just keep the chill off and thought this would go with a lot of different outfits and colours.

Gilly Hicks

Lastly my Gilly Hicks order finally arrived after it took what felt like an age to arrive but I love them very much. The pretty stripped top has gorgeous strap detail at the back and I can't wait to wear this with the coral lace bralette underneath, this was in the sale for £12.00. The green long sleeved top is one of my favourites, I adore the lace panelling and I only wish I had picked this up in blue as well like I planned, this was a steal at £6.99, so pretty. I am a little obsessed with Gilly Hicks and all the other brands from them, I just love the quality as the clothes are really soft and last really well and I love the style, California girl. Can't wait to pick up more bits from them in the future.

Have you bought any clothes recently? Where's your favourite pace to shop?

Monday, 14 April 2014

A Perfect Nude Duo

I've been harping on about a combo lip that I've discovered and thought it was about time that I shared it with you. I never used to like nude shades on myself, I thought that they didn't suit my skin tone and that they washed me out, but since I started wearing Rimmel 101 lipstick and realised it did actually kinda suit me, I decided to try some new nude shades, and now I'm addicted.

As a moisturising base, I apply the Korres lip butter in Jasmine as it's really hydrating, keeps my lips smooth throughout the day and also the hit of the nude shade matches perfectly with MAC Creme Cup lipstick. I was lucky enough to win this lipstick from the gorgeous Chanelle Jade's blog giveaway and got to choose any shade I wanted and thought it was about time I added a Mac nude to my collection.

I think they really compliment each other, the lip butter keeps your lips moisturised and nourished all day whilst the lipstick gives a lovely subtle nude lip. This combo has been a favourite of mine for a couple of weeks now, I wish I had started wearing nudes a long time ago!

What's your favourite lip combo?


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