Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Maybelline SuperStay 7 Day Gel Nail Color | Divine Wine

I haven't written a review on one of the Maybelline SuperStay 7 Day Gel Nail Color's in a while now. You probably know by now that this is by far my most favourite nail polish brand. Everything about them is brilliant and I wanted to share a very very pretty colour with you all.

Divine Wine is a beautiful purple shade, a typical "plum" I would say. Once applied this shade looks flawless and it only takes two coats to get the amazing opacity as above. The formula of this shade is perfect, streak-free, no gloopy mess and most importantly, it lasted 7 days. There's always a tiny bit of chipping on the very tip (the end) of the nail but it's not noticeable in the slightest. 

I adore the glossy finish of these polishes and this shade is by far one of the glossiest of the bunch, it's just stunning. I love how this shade was great for the winter months but will still look gorgeous in the summertime as well, such a versatile shade. 

What do you think? Would you wear this shade?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Beauty Swap | Some Reviews

After I posted about my beauty swap with Alexandra - full post here, I was asked to share my thoughts about some of the products. I will be reviewing things over time but for now I just want to share the products that have stood out the most to me so far.

A surprise product that I received was the Maybelline "The Nudes" palette. I was really excited to try it as it looked amazing. I can report that it is indeed, a brilliant product. I have recently reviewed this in full which you can read here so I'll keep this short and sweet. It has a great range of nude shades with six matte shades and six shimmer shades and they have excellent pigmentation. They blend really nicely and they stay out all day.

Alexandra knows about my huge obsession with the Maybelline Baby Lips and kindly sent me a Dr Rescue in Coral Crave. This line has finally arrived in the UK however I've been using this shade since I received it back in November. The Dr Rescue line is a lot more moisturising than the regular Baby Lips balms. These are also medicated and contain eucalyptus and menthol for added benefits. They smell great and tingle a little when first applied but the hydration is fab. This balm has been a lip saviour during the cold winter months.

I never used to wear a lot of eyeliner and to be really honest, I just couldn't hack it, I was rubbish. I received the Sephora Draw The Line set which included six eyeliners and the two that have stood out the most to me are the Kate Von D Tattoo Liner and Stila Stay All Day Liner. Both eyeliners are the felt-tip type which I do prefer over normal eyeliners. The Kat Von D liner is beyond amazing as it's so easy to apply, the tip makes creating a cat eye effortless. It's also super black and stays out all day, even in the rain. I've never seen a brown felt-tip liner before and love the Stila one so much. Like the Kat Von D, it applies seamlessly and the brown is such a perfect shade. I love a brown liner for my more subtle makeup days as they aren't as harsh.

Finally a product from a brand that I have never tried before but have always wanted too, it's the So Baked Bronzer by Hard Candy in the shade Tiki. I asked for this product as I've always wanted to try a baked product or two from them as they all looked so pretty. I did a lot of swatching research and knew that this "bronzer" would actually be perfect as a highlighter. I was correct and it's the best one I have ever used. There isn't the slightest hint of a bronze tone to this which is very strange but great for me! It looks amazing on my cheekbones and down the centre of my nose and illuminates the areas without making me look shiny or over glittery. The powder is so finely milled and so so soft. Such a fab product and I'm so happy I took the plunge and asked to try it.

If you would like to see some more mini reviews on some of the products I received, feel free to leave a comment below letting me know which ones you want to read about! However, do keep your peepers peeled as I will be reviewing other products in the future.

Have you tried any of these products? 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a brand that I have heard of here and there and I've always wondered what they had to offer. When asked if I would like to try any of their products I said yes as I thought that this would be a great opportunity. I love that the brand are made from natural, organic products and have recently found myself eyeing up more natural beauty products. 

Long-Lasting Moisturising Hand Cream* | link - I'm always on the look out for hand creams that don't leave the hands feeling greasy and this one is great for that. You don't need a lot of the product as a little goes a long way. It sinks into the hands really quickly and leaves them feeling smooth and soft. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the scent. It smells a bit old and musty which is strange for a hand cream product but formulation wise it's lovely.

Anti-Fatigue Iced Gel* link - Anything to do with feet scares me. I am so incredibly ticklish that I can've even touch my own feet, I'm a weirdo I know! But with a lot of wriggling and giggling, I managed to use this a few times and didn't feel any different. It's said to help reduce the feeling of heavy legs and feet but I didn't notice any difference. 

Fizzy Bath Cube* | link - The fizzy bath cube was the most exciting product to me as I instantly want to compare them to my beloved Lush. This smelt amazing, and since it's a coconut scent that's no surprise! Once I popped this into my bath it instantly dissolved and left the bath a milky white colour. The scent however lost its strength and was barely sniffable once it had fully dissolved. It didn't dry out my skin though and it did leave a very light scent on the skin which was very nice. 

Silky Cream Moisturiser* | link - I love trying new body moisturisers and this didn't fail to impress. The scent is organic oats which for me I don't know what that means, it just smells pleasant to me and I can't really pin-point what the scent it as it doesn't smell of oats to me. The moisturiser however is so so lovely. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, it sinks into the skin so quickly which means you don't have to wait for it to dry before you get dressed. Most importantly though, it doesn't leave your skin feeling or looking greasy. 

I am very impressed with Yves Rocher as a brand and I'm glad I received the opportunity to try some products. My favourite product is definitely the Silky Cream Moisturiser but I do love the hand cream as well.

Have you tried any products from Yves Rocher? What would you recommend?
*PR sample

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Brand Focus | Juicy Couture

Last year I decided I would start dedicating whole posts to brands that I love and started with Fiorelli. I rave about Juicy Couture all the time and thought it was about time that I dedicated an entire post to my most favourite perfume brand. Hands down the best fragrance brand around.

I love the look of all the bottles, they are just so pretty and really eye catching. The scents though are just dreamy. The perfume that I adore the most is definitely Couture Couture (far left) it just smells so insanely good. It's a little floral but mixed with sandalwood, it makes for a great evening scent that smells really sophisticated.

Couture La La is my next favourite scent from the brand. It's more on the fruity side and perfect for summertime. The bottle is super cute too, just look at that huge pink bow!

My most recent purchase is Viva La Juicy Noir which I picked up in the Boxing Day sales and it's utterly gorgeous. Another one that's suited for evening time, it's a lovely blend of fruity scents, vanilla, amber and sandalwood and creates a beautiful aroma. In the box set, I received a tiny bottle of this scent too, how cute is that little bottle!?

Finally I have a very handy rollerball that I used non-stop in the summer and during my tip to Morocco. It was a bargain price of £9.99 from Debenhams and contains 5ml of Malibu and Couture La La Malibu. Both of these scents were released last summer as their Malibu Collection. These are both really fruity and fresh scents and are perfect for summer time. To me they both smell pretty similar and they are both lovely.

I have started my own personal mission of owning all the Juicy Couture fragrances. They are all reasonably priced and last really well on my skin, not to mention their scents are just beautiful.

Have you tried any Juicy Couture perfumes? Which is your favourite?

Monday, 19 January 2015

Maybelline "The Nudes" Palette

When I took part in a beauty swap with Alexandra, she spoilt me rotten and sent some lovely products for me to try out - see the beauty swap post here. The Maybelline The Nudes palette was an added extra and I'm so grateful Alexandra surprised me with it as I've used it non-stop since receiving it.

I've kept it under wraps really, I'm not quite sure why I haven't featured this in a favourites post as it has become a firm favourite in my collection. Sadly this palette isn't available in the UK, maybe one day they will release it over here, fingers crossed. This is the first time I have ever used powder eyeshadows from Maybelline and I am impressed.

The Nudes palette features 12 eyeshadows, 6 shimmers and 6 mattes. I like that there's a fair amount of shimmer and mattes, usually shimmer eyeshadows take over but this isn't the case here. The colours range from champagnes and taupes to copper, brown and black. Such a lovely variety, whether you like a full on smokey eye or a subtle hint of definition, there really is something for everyone in this palette. 

I never use a primer for my shadow or for my swatches, I just don't bother and you can see from the photographs that the pigmentation of these eyeshadows is simply brilliant. Not only do they feel extremely soft and buttery, they blend incredibly well and the pigmentation is as fabulous as an Urban Decay palette. Woah, big statement! Honestly, there's no fuss when applying and blending these, hardly any fallout at all and the colours are just so rich and beautiful.

Wear time for me is all day long. They don't crease or appear patchy throughout the day which is just brilliant. The shimmer shades are a tad more pigmented and impressive than the matte shades, but even still, they are excellent quality as well. The light copper shade (bottom swatch photograph, third shade in on the left) is by far my favourite colour. I wear it all over my lid with the taupe matte brown to the left of it in the crease. This just creates a soft subtle defined eye and the shimmer shade really makes my eyes appear more awake. The more intense copper shade (top swatch photograph, fourth shade in on the left) is by far the most impressive to look at pigmentation wise, it's just stunning. Another shade I like to wear is the brown shimmer (bottom row, third shade in on the right) I wear this all over the lid for a simple smokey eye, blend out all the edges and blend some onto my lower lash line. Simple yet effective.

If you are able to get your paws on this palette, I highly recommend that you do so as it really is so beautiful. Even the packaging is great. Simple and sturdy, I love the clear plastic panel on the lid as you can see all the shades inside nicely. It retails at $9.99 on the Ulta website which is a complete bargain for such a high quality product. Thank you so much for bringing this gorgeous palette to my attention Alexandra!

Have you tried any eyeshadows from Maybelline? What are your thoughts on them?


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